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Generation Now
Join the Earth Revolution

I will dedicate myself to saving what is near my heart, and the heart of my culture, by transforming words into actions and actions to results. I fight for the recognition of rights for both indigenous people and the environment. I call for a worldwide full implementation of the UN declaration of the rights of indigenous peoples and are you an adoption and full implementation of the declaration of the rights of mother Earth.
These visions and aspirations for a bright and beautiful future are more than dreams, they are missions. It is one thing to chase your dream, it is another to chase your future.

Ta’kaiya Blaney

The Earth Revolution song was created by Ta’Kaiya to inspire millennial youth, who will be inheriting the Earth, to unify and join in the Earth Revolution, a movement of empowered and inspired young people fighting together for the same future.

Watch Ta’kaiya’s Music Video — here

Earth Day, Week, Month
We are grateful to everyone who participated in our Earth Day and Earth Month programs. Here are some things we accomplished together…

  1. You helped launch the Treevolution Movement to plant tens of thousands of trees around the world. Keep planting, it’s the best solution for our planet.  
  2. You joined the global synchronized Ho’oponopono ceremony and transformed negative energy into positive energy. On behalf of Malamapono.life, we are grateful.
  3. You participated in our healing musical meditation with Aya and Tyler and raised awareness for environmental protection.
  4. You turned good works into fun games with our partner CompassionGames and became part of the UNIFY team.
  5. And you downloaded and shared the Earth Gratitude ebook to help spread the wisdom and good works of its many contributing authors. 

Thank you for being part of the solution.– The UNIFY team



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